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A Love That Keeps Giving (Happy Mother's Day)

They say you appreciate your mother a lot more when you have children of your own. Having children is probably not something I will ever experience! Even so, as the years go by, my appreciation for my mother has grown more and more.

Two years after I left home and was living in Indonesia, as part of some coursework on psychology, I called home to ask my parents what they remembered about my birth and early childhood. "Before you came along," my mum said, "we hadn't had much experience with babies. So when you did come, we hardly knew what to do. We just looked at you lying there and the nurse had to tell us to pick you up!"

Apparently, as a baby I had problems latching on to either breast or bottle. "We were going to the shop every other day to get a different size of bottle top," my mother laughed.

Imagining them fretting over me as a fussy baby always brings a smile. Fast-forward 24 years, and another memory stands out - my own this time. I was jus…